what if i were the night sky


Tim Kreider, "The ‘Busy’ Trap" 

(check out the rest of the article, too. i was talking about this to someone the other day, how business seems to be this cool new fad and how exhausting and tiring it is to just constantly move without sitting down and reflecting on it. there are some bits about this article that i don’t agree with, like how it’s a bit accusatory and makes the reader feel bad about doing so much, and obviously the fact that the writer has the luxury to lead this “idle” sort of lifestyle (but that’s a whole other matter), what i really want to get in on is the fact that in this age of technology and do do do do do, it’s nice to just sit and reflect for a while. maybe have a eureka moment. maybe take a nap in the afternoons. we all deserve it. the world can be a wad of growing stress in your mouth sometimes.) 

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